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I was really thinking about putting this album on my site... and in the end ... I know that this will be sad for some people, but I decide that I'll not pulishing DL link to this album ... I really wanna support their 'revolution' ... please buy their new album ♡ I'll definitely buy it, coz this album is amazing, especially "Map the soul" song ... I just love this song, I even can't explain why... for me is better worldwide version, coz I understand more words ... when I listen to this song, I just think that I want a love just like this '^^ you now ... if somebody think about me and will say: no reasons to live without you... or when I will be think like that about somebody, it's really beautiful :) oh gosh, I'm helpless romantic haha xD

[6th album] Map the Soul

Map The Soul
01 Believe
02 Cipher feat Beatbox DG
03 Map The Soul
04 Customer Service (Skit)
05 Top Gun
06 Scenario (Pihaemangsang pt. 2) feat MYK
07 London (instrumental)
08 Free Music feat MYK
09 Map the Soul (Worldwide Version) feat MYK & Kero One
10 8 by 8, Part 2 feat MYK & Minos & Paloalto & the Quiett & Verbal Jint & Kebee & E-Sens & Simon Dominic

buy this album on mapthesoul.com !!!!!!!!!!!!! thank U :)

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