for a kindly responses...

BIG THANKS for your all warm comments to my two previous entry :) LUV YA ALL xD !!

Kumika, what you said before... I agree with you completely '^^
we broke hearts others people, but someone probably will break our hearts in future (or just he\she already made this) T_T this is the life, simply... it's sad, but we have to live with this somehow... I think that we have to have more confidence in ourselfs and let the time fly by :) and if two people don't feel the same that this can't be happy ending '^^ LoL, I talk like a wiseman xD bla bla bla xD

but, it's sad that people ignores others... I just wish that people had more courage, be more sincere with others and with herself... in Poland we have such a wise proverb: "what it will not kill us, then it will strengthen us"... I believe in this words lol '^^ it's better to reconcile with some situations and then ... go to shopping, spend some money on oneself and buy some crazy, silly or just nice things whitout regrets xD life it's too shot for regrets '^^

heh, I just don't know why I write this entry xD maybe I'm just in mood to do this '^^ it's late, again, and I write another silly entry xD well, sorry, but really I'm a little bit tired putting only music on my site, I probably do this, as always in the future, but I just like to write with very nice and wise people :)

go sleep, Narcia xD tomorrow never dies" and you must go to work early morning ~~unfortunately~~ xD soooo ... goodbye and as always take care all of you, my readers :)

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  1. Awww yes, things happens, even though we didn't mean for them to happen. Althought hopefully we don't make the same mistakes, and hurt ppl again. You and I are in the same situation.

    I love how you post this entry to reply to me lol! ^^ Love you!

    Get a good nite sleep, feel much better the next day ^^ =]] What kind of job do you have? I work at a library, and I worked 30hrs already since saturday.. =_= exshasted hahaha lol

  2. I just have a special mood on writing '^^ and when i get this nothing gona stop me xD

    I work as a office lady (well, somethign like that)... I work in a place where handicapped people can get to know more about their rights... I think it's a quite complicated to say what I properly do '^^ it's a state office so I work 40hrs in a week '^^ not more, not less :) from 8AM to 4PM, from Monday to Friday '^^and sometimes I have in weekend my school __^__ so, as you see, I'm a little bit busy person and mostly very tired in the end of a day '^^ I can't made entry every day, like used I do

  3. haha so it's just a special moment for writing.. XDD

    Like you work as a receptionist? wow 40hrs.. dats a lot.. lol i have school everyday for 6hrs, after that i go to work 4hrs each days.... me and u are somewat very alike haha. what classes are you taking? Are you taking classes that relates to your work?

  4. hihi jola...

    sorry havent replied msg ;p so so busy at work :(... sighz... though the two of you work quite a fair bit considering the fact that you still have to study! currently working a minimum 55hrs a week so enjoy your schooling days while you can!

    yep... back to work now... will write once i get some free time!
    take cares~
    py *^^*