well, I don't know nothing about this rapper, he has quite weird nickname xD but... whatever, he has great album xD I think that k-hip-hop is always a piece of good job :) on this album "Like you" and "딜레마" are my fav songs :)

[album] Dig it all

Wyrównaj do środka

01. Bling Me (Feat. Psionic, Rimi) **
02. Like You (Feat. Delly Boi) ♡
03. 너와 나 **
04. Ride Wit Me (Feat. Carry.D) *
05. 딜레마 (Feat. Momentee) ♡
06. Bling Me (Inst.)
07. Like You (Inst.)
08. 딜레마 (Inst.)
09. [Bonus] Ballin (Feat. Psionic) *
10. [Bonus] To Ma **


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