Girls' Generation

OMONA !! heh xD I like these girls more and more xD it's seems that they are more mature and sexy now '^^ it's good, but I hope they will be 4ever cute like now :) I love this song after one hearing only xD it's a another hit for sure! (but beginning sounds for me a little like a "Don't stop the music" from Rhiannna '^^)...

[digital single] Tell Me Your Wish ~~ Genie [2009.06.22]

01 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)


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  1. I'm surprised. I like this album way more than Gee, but many friends of mine complained and said the girls lost their cuteness.

    I disagree, they're still cute, just more mature now. I love the Genie and One Yr Later track =D