Thank you...

Hey everybody :)
you still remember me?? xD lol, it's a joke, I hope that you still know who I am heheh '^^
I know that all you waiting for me, I think that you don't know how much I apreciate this :) your support is important for me, coz I'm very lazy gurl '^^ reeeeeallyyyy laaazyyy, believe me xD

I wanna firstly say THANK YOU to all people that send me mails and comments with condolences... Mashu, helmuviduo, IchigoNarutoBoy, shaida85, Iulia, sibyl92, my dear and lovely PY, Joasia, HBP, .nodame., and all that anonymous visitors from comments and people from shoutbox....

'we're all supporting you' - when I read this words I'm really moved and I make a promise to myself, that I'll never leave poeple that support just an ordinary girl like me ...
Photobucket THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH Photobucket
Photobucket I LOVE YOU ALL :)

I promise that I'll make some updates in this week, so please keep waiting calmly for me :)
You see, I'm still alive and even smile again '^^


BYE :)

3 komentarze:

  1. Hehe glad you are feeling happier :)! No pressure to update ^^ make sure you are feeling okay again first :) you matter way more than the music!

  2. it's great 2 hear 4m u again...all the best!!fighting!

  3. glad ur back! :D fightiing!