Polish weddings...

Yesterday I was with my friends Milena and Rafal on our friend's wedding... I was quite bored so I recorded some videaos xD so you can see how Poles plays on weddings heheh xDDD

Firstly, we have a church wedding... then all move to a wedding house. U can see how many foods & drikns we puts on the table (yeah, it's pretty tightly)... polish weddings are mailny appropriate in Saturdays... they last to Sunday's early morning hours '^^ sooo, we eatitng, dancing, singing and drinking pretty much by 12 houres hehehe xD and on Sunday evening we have poprawiny thats is a second wedding xDD heh, we enjoy for two days :)

and some video find on youtube :) quite nice :)

and that all night long :P if you are surprised, remember that almost all are drunken hehehe xDDD CHEERS !!

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