I didn't expect this, but these girls are quite surprised. Their debut mini-album is really good, it has the modern rhythms, catchy sounds, interesting voices and tone... Promo-song "Muzik" maybe it's a little bit too fast, heavy and tiring -in some way-, but is a hit song for sure. I like better "What a girl wants", it' s the best song on this album. "Funny" is similar to the Britney Spears songs, I think xD I think that is a very good album, very trendy and catchy. Good job girls :) I'll definitely buy this mini-album :)

[1st mini album] For Muzik [2009.08.31]

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01 For Muzik
03 Hot Issue
04 What a girl wants
05 Funny
06 Won't Give You
07 Hot Issue (Remix)


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