F (x)

Now is time for my currently Fi(x)ation :))))
After the preview I didn't liked them. I was thinking; waht? another girl group in this year? this is boring ;__; But when they release full video, I just... I fall in love with this song and I started to like members xD Especially Luna & Amber . But my totaly favorite member is Amber! She is so different than all these girls in all girl groups, I think that she is in some way sexy and cute xD Amber is like a ... something new, i don't know how to explain it '^^ Thanks to her this group is more interesting. I hope that F(x) ~however, this name is strange xD~ they will in the future success, just like a SHINee :)

[digital sibgle] LA chA TA [2009.08.31]

01. LA chA TA


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