To my PY :)

I hope that you'll read this soon '^^ it'll be short, but I'll write to you another time & it'll be much longer :D I promise, 약속 :)
I received your present in this Monday & I think it's totally AMAZING !! girl, you give me so many things, all are so precious for me :) I'm very happy and touched :) thank you my lovely PY :)

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  1. hihi jola :)

    glad you received the pressie and are happy about the things inside! i was getting worried cos i wasn't sure if polish customs will let the food products into the country... realised only after sending, i didnt check what the custom requirements are ;p

    enjoy the items and don't worry about getting me something yah? i'm just happy to share things i can find easily in singapore with you!

    good luck for the rest of your exams! ace all of them then relax and watch the dongbangshinki concert :)

    huggies n luv *^^*