Tim Be Told

Once I was asked on my mail, if I could help promote some band :) I was not interested in such a form of promotion, but ... I checked their MySpace ... and I really liked it :)

This band is called :

Tim Be Told

here is a high resolution photo : CLICK

Maybe thats because some handsome Asians are there he he ; ) or it just that Tim's voice enchanted me : ) I don't know, but I know that their music is really nice, delicate & the more I listen to it, the more I like : ) From some time my favorite song is "Ordinary", which is a song about a simple, but happy life & dreams .... I like also "System" & "Gravity's hold" songs : )

Their music reminds me a little Khalil Fong music. I enjoyed their songs on MySpace. I think that you can give them a try, because they are really worth it. I invite you to their MySpace and official website, where you can also download songs for free : )

Here is official site : TimBeTold
Here is MySpace profile : TimBeTold

Aja-Aja ! Fighting Tim Be Told : )

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  1. this is really good!!

    i dont kknow them but i hear it because of you..
    u r d best!!