Here comes the spring again... and me :)

I'm back... I'm back... I'm back, I'm back, I'm back !!!

I'm still alive :)

I work hard ;___; nothing more...
I learn... well, I try... but all this is like a black hole...
I'm H-Logic, I know that I Don't Stop, Can't Stop, coz I'll be able to Back To The Basic, and tomorrow will be another Bang! for me ...
I can't wait for MBLAQ's comeback : (
I'm curious about
new f (x)'s MV and album ;___;
I just dying of curiosity...
I watch Prosecutor Princess, the best drama so far! & I just love Park Shi Hoo ;___; it's really helpless... you can not defend yourself, you babo girl xD

sometimes I go for a walk with my friends, just like today...

...so, this is my live simply :)

It's spring here again and I hope that it will give us the new energy!
So, keep in touch. BYE !!:)

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