Hello everybody !!

I finally found the time to write a little here '^^ I see that, despite my absence, I had many visitors & many comments :) this makes me very happy, I think perhaps there are people who visit this page often than I xD I should not laugh at this, it shows only how lazy I am '^^ all this time I wanted to write many things, share with you many things and my thoughts about music or my life... but the truth is that I am very busy with everything: my work, still~ my school, my personal life, my family and also many problems :/ I really have no time for running this blog correct, especially for uploading new music... I try to keep up with the asian-korean music, so when I have a free time I just checking some sites with news and music...

After many thoughts, reflections, one sleepless night & battle with my own I decide to finish with uploading music.

I don't close my blog! I think that many of you was convinced about this for some time... but this is not the end of my blog! it's just a small change & I think that does not make you the trouble. I'll still write about music that I like best & my life, but instead of uploading I'll send you to other sites with asian music downloads... this sites will be without having to register and with links on open for free users servers. If there will be things from "must-log-in" sites I'll be uploading this for you for sure...

I hope that my decision is no trouble for you :) please, understand me too :) I wanted to do many more, but I'm really busy woman now T__T I hope also that you will still visit my site to see how I am and what or who makes me crazy in korean music lately ;)

See ya !!

P.S. I hope that you will like new layout too :)

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  1. I love your blog! Please don't ever quit :)