Son Dam Bi

ok, is she a queen of k-pop? hmmm.... I don't think so..... but you know, each single female vocalist wants xD Son Dam Bi is on the right way, she may be only better at singing, she must just more practice :) but I really like her new album, it's a little bit different from what she have previously, but still very good :) I l o v e Queen song xD and Super Druper is surprisingly good too, though this funny title ;)

[mini album] Queen [2010.07.08]

01 Db Rider ♫
02 Queen ♫ ♫
03 Beat Up By A Girl ♫
04 Can't U See ♫
05 Super Duper ♫ ♫
06 Queen (Inst.)
07 Can't U See (Inst.)


YouTube MV
Son Dam Bi - Queen

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