DA Mouth

I download this, coz I was just curious '^^ cover is quite intresting '^^ and I was surprised how good this album and band is!! really, I recommended this to all :D it's a mixture of electronica, pop, rock and some calm sounds '^^ all also with nice English or Mandarin rap '^^

[album] Wang Yuan Kou Li Kou [2008.12.18]

01. Intro
02. Da Now一场 (Da Now Yi Chang)
03. 国王皇后(Puma广告歌) [King And Queen (Puma Commercial Song)]
04. 紧箍咒 (Jin Gu Curse)
05. 爱的宣言(小林眼镜广告歌) [Declaration Of Love (Kobayashi Optical Commercial Song)]
06. 永远在身边 (Always By Your Side) [Remake Of Thelma Aoyama's "Soba Ni Iru Ne"]
07. Falling Like Dat
08. Asalato Box
09. We Wanna Party
10. 小心眼 (Narrow Minded)
11. Down
12. You Are My Angel


5 komentarzy:

  1. They sound really interesting, I'll try the album out ^^

    Thanks for the upload~!

  2. Hey,
    I've been downloading a lot from your blog so I wanted to say thank you for uploading so much!!!

    Whenever I want to check out an album, I always come to your blog first to check if you don't have it uploaded.

    Dziekuje bardzo!!
    - Magda

  3. Hey everyone!

    A forum for Da Mouth has finally been set up in Singapore!! ^_^

    Come join us now if u support them too!


    Do help us to spread this around so everyone who likes Da Mouth get to know about this club and we can all support them together k?

    All fans let’s stand together! We can do it!

  4. Hi there! i found your site when i downloaded big bangs video strong baby, and wow this is great =D you have great taste~
    Thanks for making all these great songs and MVs available to us to download with ease!!
    (and you're right, Da Mouth is surprisingly good! they are quite diff from most of the chinese/taiwanese groups. the rap is especially good! thumbs up to the short-haired rapper guy =D )
    Thanks again! ill continue to visit and utilise ur site =] Keep up the good work!