Son Dam Bi

First full album of Son Dam Bi xD it's more electronic, but with some calm songs like '투명인간' or 'Twice Too Many Time' (this song is all in English - her English is quite weird ~LoL~ but nice)... I really like '그만하자', nice and catchy song and this is my fav! xD also '토요일밤에 (Saturday night)' and 'Are you crazy (remix)' are really good '^^

[1st album] Type B [2009.03.23]

01. 토요일밤에
02. No Sympathy
03. 두번째라도
04. 느리게잊기
05. Bad Boy (Remix)
06. 미쳤어 (Remix)
07. 그만하자
08. 투명인간
09. Twice Too Many Time
10. 토요일밤에 (Inst)


2 komentarze:

  1. I've been hearing so much about Son Dam Bi, I guess I have to give her a try :P
    Thanks for the album ^^

  2. just downloaded her album off one of your links.. thank you so much ^^