2009 year summary....

Good, old year 2009 is over now, but don't you think that it was quite interesting for Korean music? I think so '^^ many girls bands was create, this changed music and fashion a little bit. Good, "old" bands make their come back and it was spectacular :) there are new trends in fashion and image... I don't know whether this year meant something to you musically, but for me it was full of important events :)

~~ After School - AH ~~

First girls band, which debuted in 2009... and their song "AH" was a shock for me, coz I not listened to girls bands before... and from this song, from this band I started '^^ and now I like it very much :) since this team started a fashion for female teams in 2009, don't you think? but their current image it's terrible for me... all these members changes in the team, I don't like it... for me the best was the time of single "AH" '^^

~~ Girls Generation - Gee ~~

Second girlish song which win my heart :) in 2009 I started new job, it was in January exactly & it was in the beginning quite difficult for me... when I had hard times, I just listened to this song... Then immediately I felt better :D I can say that this song saved me many times when it was hard :) and I liked these girls even more, when they released single "Genie" :)

~~ SHINee - Romeo & 2009, Year of us ~~

About these boys I could say many good things, and for me they are amazing... I'm quite surprised that they make such a good music, so different from the others bands... this two albums was really great and strengthened my belief that SHINee will be great band in the future :) I have high expectations in Onew... his voice is totally amazing, so original and soft... totally charmed '^^

~~ G-Dragon - Heartbreaker ~~

I never liked GD before, well, I like "This love", but GD never was my favorite member of Big Bang... I was not surprised that it will be solo, but I was surprised that he gained so much popularity with his solo album... but still I didn't want to hear it xD on day change this... day, when I watched the video to "Butterfly"... I still don't know why this song change me (maybe coz it is beautiful xD) after this I heard the whole album and slowly began to like it '^^ now I see GD in another way :)

~~ 2PM - 1st album & all the rest ~~

OK, you know probably that I'm a fangirl of their.... so what am I say now? xD I just LOVE 2pm with my fanlove xD I laughed at the "Wild bunny" and liked them even more, I learned more about the boys... memorable TaekYeon's taste in fashion, Woo Young's mummy look xD and I totally "fall in love" with WooYoung, when I started watching to Star King :D when Jay left 2pm I was sooo shocked... I asked: why? I don't blame him for his words, everyone can make mistake like that, especially when we are young and in foreign country, far away from home, family & friends... for example, we, young Poles, every day complain about our own homeland & other people, but still we live here.... maybe I don't know why it's like that, but when you ask some Pole about his country, he never say firstly anything positive... I don't makes excuses, but I believe that he felt very lonely and alien then... I think he is very proud, so he left Korea and go to US... I hope it only needs some time to reflect on his life... I believe that he returns to 2pm someday :) but for now boys must be a amazing 2pm without him... and I think that it goes well :) so, my 2pm, stay strong, healthy & do your best :)

~~AJ & BEAST - New Hero & Beast is the best ~~

The best newcomers in 2009 !! they won my heart from the beginning... I think we hear about them a lot of good things in 2010 :) firstly, I support AJ's solo career, and when he join Beast & debuted with them once again I support the whole team twice :) all members have a good voices, especially Yo Seob, his voice (& smile) is very recognizable :D DooSeob is my favorite pairing (it's because of ringchart)... all these boys have great personalities (hehe, Jun Hyun-Poppin' Mommy and his nags)... soo, how can you not love them? xD

to be continued... or not xD

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